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The Kerry Patch – St. Louis

The Kerry Patch or The Patch as it was also known was a neighborhood in the north of downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Irish immigrants had been settling in St. Louis since the early 1800's, the city held its first St. Patrick's Day in 1820. By 1851 the US census recorded...

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Tattoo’s of old New York

Tattoo's have been around for a long time and throughout history have come to symbolize one thing or another, something personal, being part of a tribe or part of a gang. In old New York tattoo's also were part of culture among the Irish communities and other...

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Rosanna Peers Grocery Shop

Rosanna Peers was a grocery store owner, saloon keeper and an early criminal fence to the thieves and gangsters of the old sixth ward during the early to mid 1800's. Rosanna's was used as a base of operations for the earliest known gangs of New York, the Forty Thieves...

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Captain John H. McCullagh

John H. McCullagh  was an officer and police captain in the NYPD, John McCullagh was also known as "Farmer John". Born in 1842 in Tyrone, Ireland and emigrated with his family the US when he was a child. During his career he battled notorious gangs and river pirates...

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The Limerick Gang Feud

The Limerick Gang Feud took place in Irelands third city, Limerick, its said that up to 20 murders were related to the feud and that somewhere between 30 to 60 members of both sides are now or have been in prison because of their involvement. Limerick has long been a...

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McGurks Suicide Hall – The Bowery

McGurks Suicide Hall located at 295 the Bowery in New York was a notorious dive bar and hotel run by John McGurk a native of County Antrim, Ireland. McGurk owned a string of saloons, each one closed down by the police, however his saloon at 295 Bowery would become his...

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The Ballymount Bloodbath

The Ballymount Bloodbath is an incident that happened between two groups in a warehouse in Dublin on the 6th October 1999 and would lead to a series of tit for tat revenge killings between the groups. The Ballymount Bloodbath was a day when six men were kidnapped,...

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John McKane Brooklyn’s very own Boss Tweed

John Y. McKane became Brooklyn's answer to Tammany Hall's Boss Tweed although McKane wouldnt be as quite well known, but his exploits were just the same. Back in the 1800's in the days when New York's Five Boroughs were still separate John Y. McKane was known as the...

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