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Rosanna Peers Grocery Shop

Rosanna Peers was a grocery store owner, saloon keeper and an early criminal fence to the thieves and gangsters of the old sixth ward during the early to mid 1800's. Rosanna's was used as a base of operations for the earliest known gangs of New York, the Forty Thieves...

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Billy McCarthy & Jimmy Miraglia murders

Billy McCarthy was a stick up man and a members of Frank Cullotta's burglary crew in Chicago, Illinois. McCarthy wouldnt be a household name but a series of events would lead him to be remembered in a scene in Martin Scorsese's classic Casino. One night Billy McCarthy...

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Captain John H. McCullagh

John H. McCullagh  was an officer and police captain in the NYPD, John McCullagh was also known as "Farmer John". Born in 1842 in Tyrone, Ireland and emigrated with his family the US when he was a child. During his career he battled notorious gangs and river pirates...

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The Limerick Gang Feud

The Limerick Gang Feud took place in Irelands third city, Limerick, its said that up to 20 murders were related to the feud and that somewhere between 30 to 60 members of both sides are now or have been in prison because of their involvement. Limerick has long been a...

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Boiled Oysters Malloy – Saloon Keeper

Boiled Oysters Malloy was a criminal and dive bar owner in the Bowery during the mid to late 1800's, his name as you can guess came from his love of eating boiled oysters, which would have been a delicacy during that period. Boiled Oysters Malloy seemed to be at his...

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The James McBratney Murder

The James McBratney murder was a series of events that combined into one story but would have an impact on mob history. The common theory seems to be that McBratney was involved in the accidental killing of Emanuel Gambino, nephew of legendary mob boss Carlo Gambino...

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Mad Dog Coll Arrested

After months on the run and a police manhunt to try and find him, Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll was finally arrested in New York City in October 1931 along with Tuffy Odierno. The police manhunt came after a shooting that would give Coll his title of Mad Dog. In attempt to...

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Larry Fay Nightclub Owner

Larry Fay was the owner of one of the most famous clubs throughout the entire Prohibition Era, the El Fey Club but would meet his demise in 1932 at another ones of his speakeasy clubs, the Casa Blanca Club. Not much is known about Larry Fay's early life, he was born...

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McGurks Suicide Hall – The Bowery

McGurks Suicide Hall located at 295 the Bowery in New York was a notorious dive bar and hotel run by John McGurk a native of County Antrim, Ireland. McGurk owned a string of saloons, each one closed down by the police, however his saloon at 295 Bowery would become his...

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