The Fall of “Wild” Bill Lovett In this video, part two, I will have a look at “Wild” Bill Lovett, leading up to Lovett’s death in 25 Bridge Street, where his body was found. The battle between the factions of the White Hand Gang heated up in the months leading to Bills death

Traditionally, it was thought and written about that there was a battle for control of Brooklyn’s docks and rackets between the Irish and Italians, that the Italians won and wiped out the Irish gangs on the docks. One theory is that Vincenzo Antonio Gibaldi better known as “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn killed Lovett in his sleep, another says that mobsters loyal to Frankie Yale were behind it.

The truth however is that it was someone from within Lovetts own gang that was the killer. However, in recent years further research has brought to light that it was pretty much fiction and sensationalized. The truth may not be as sensational and less dramatic.

The White Hand Gang was in fact a collection of smaller gangs under one umbrella, the main factions being the Warren Street Red Onion Gang and the Jay Street Gang, who fought among themselves for control of the rackets and docks.

A couple of points to note: The newspapers call Frank Byrnes by different names Byrnes / Byrne / Burns, they are all the one person.

Sometimes they refer to Richard and Anna Lonergan as Lanigan

They give two different dates for the murder of Eddie Hughes 2nd / 3rd of May. The 3rd of May is the correct date

It would be helpful if you could leave some feedback if you find it useful or if I have left anything out. Or leave your thoughts in the comments below. As the Brooklyn Irish community was notoriously secretive about talking to authority, it made it difficult to piece this together.

I have tried to gather as many newspaper clippings and articles in order to shed some light on the subject. Some photos have been used for informational purposes.

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