Traditionally, it was thought and written about that there was a battle for control of Brooklyn’s docks and rackets between the Irish and Italians, that the Italians won and wiped out the Irish gangs on the docks. That hitmen from Cleveland travelled to Brooklyn and killed the leader in his sleep

However, in recent years further research has brought to light that it was pretty much fiction and sensationalized.

The truth may not be as sensational and less dramatic. The White Hand Gang was in fact a collection of smaller gangs under one umbrella, the main factions being the Warren Street Red Onion Gang and the Jay Street Gang, who fought among themselves for control of the rackets and docks.

This video looks into Dinny Meehan, the leader of the White Hand Gang / Red Onion Gang and “Wild” Bill Lovett the leader of the Jay Street faction of the gang, who would take over from Meehan.

Owen Forsyth

Web Designer, Teacher, Artist, Writer, 3D, Modeling & Visual Effects, DJ

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