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What mobster made this quote "Ain't there nobody that can shoot this guy so he don't bounce back?"

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After several assassination attempts Dutch Schultz made the comment to some of his men.

Apart from Legs & Gentleman Jack, what other names was Jack Diamond known

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He earned that named having been shot so many times.

Jack "Legs" Diamond was born in what U.S city

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He was born in Philadelphia to Irish immigrant parents

On a trip to Europe Legs Diamond visited Ireland

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False. He did not go to Ireland, although there were rumors that he was on his way there and Irish Police had been waiting for him

Some time after Legs Diamond had died, his wife was also shot dead

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True. His wife was shot dead by an unknown assailant

Legs Diamonds wife's name was

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Legs Diamond first arrest was for what crime

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His first arrest was for burglary of a jewelry store in 1914

Where was Legs Diamond finally killed

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What speakeasy was Legs Diamond part owner of, where a shooting took place

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The Hotsy Totsy Club, the shooting in question lead some of the staff to be killed so they couldnt verify a witnesses story

Legs Diamond was a bodyguard for which famous & influential mobster

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He was a bodyguard for Arnold Rothstein along with Lucky Luciano & Fatty Walsh

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