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The End of The Westies

With the arrests of Jimmy Coonan and his wife Edna, Billy Bokun, Mugsy Ritter, Flo & Tommy Collins and Johnny Halo in November and December 1986, Jimmy "Jimmy Mac" McElroy went on the run but was soon arrested, Kevin Kelly & Kenny Shannon also went on the run...

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The Five Points

The Five Points was a 19th-century neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, New York. The neighborhood was bound by Center Street to the west, the Bowery to the east, Canal Street to the north, and Park Row to the south. The Five Points stood on what is now Park, Worth &...

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Kevin Weeks – Loyal to the end

In Boston's gangland, there was no one was closer to Whitey Bulger than Kevin Weeks, a native of Southie and a fiercely loyal follower who Bulger groomed to be his eventual successor and also treated like a son. Weeks was born and raised in the Old Colony Housing...

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The First Gang – The Forty Thieves

The Forty Thieves were formed in 1825 and said to be the first known and oldest New York City criminal street gang. At least officially they were the first ones to have an established leadership and to be caught and recorded. The Five Points was a neighborhood in the...

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CPAD – Concerned Parents Against Drugs

In Dublin in the 1980's & 90's drugs were rampant, especially in the inner city and parents were getting fed up with their sons and daughters being addicted or worse dying of drugs, they got together and formed Concerned Parents Against Drugs (CPAD) in 1983, an...

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“Old Smoke” John Morrissey

"Old Smoke" John Morrissey was born in Templemore, County Tipperary, Ireland in 1831. Around 1833 his parents emigrated to the U.S and settled somewhere near Troy, New York. In 1848 Morrissey moved to New York City and married the daughter of a ship's captain, Sarah...

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