Irish Eddie Boyle – Gambino Associate

Edmund "Irish Eddie" Boyle lived in Brooklyn he was known as a clever, resourceful money maker who wouldn’t buckle under pressure and became an associate of the Gambino Family sometime in the late 80's. He began his career stealing cars and became a trusted and...

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Dean O’Banion The North Side Gangster

Dean O'Banion was born to Irish parents who lived in Maroa, Illinois where he spent his early childhood before moving to Chicago in 1901 with his father and brother after his mother's death. They settled in Kilgubbin on the North Side of Chicago it was notorious...

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John Connolly – When the good guys go bad

From the bad guys to the really bad guys and what makes this bad guy bad is that he was supposed to be a good guy, a federal agent sworn to protect and serve. He protected and served probably one of the most notorious and controversial gangsters in history, James...

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Jimmy whacks Whitey Whitehead in the Plaka Bar

Harold "Whitey" Whitehead was a native of Queens but knew many of the Hell's Kitchen crowd, he was 38 years and had curly brown hair and by all accounts he was "an arrogant prick". Jimmy Coonan knew him from drinking in his 596 bar in Hell's Kitchen, in fact Whitey...

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The Gopher Gang of Hell’s Kitchen

The Gopher Gang were one of Hell’s Kitchen’s most brutal gangs. They were given the name "Gophers" because they used to hide in the cellars of buildings in the neighbourhood. The Gophers formed in the 1890s and went on to rule the West Side between Ninth and Eleventh...

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The Fatal Shooting of Beezy Garrity

In 1886 Danny Driscoll, who was co-leader of the Whyos gang was approached by 18 year old Bridget "Beezy" Garrity, who claimed she had been cheated by the owner of a bar operating within the Whyos territory in the Five Points in Lower Manhattan. Daniel "Danny"...

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