Manhattan, New York, 1855

Manhattan, New York in 1855 - To the right of the picture is Hells Kitchen & the West Side, New Jersey can be seen further back and on the left is the East Side and straight down is where Five Points & the Bowery was located. In the front is the old reservoir...

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Irish hunger Memorial – New York City

A real piece of Ireland in America. In New York City, the birthplace of the Irish Mob, stands what is undeniably proof of the long standing links between two countries going back two centuries. In New York there is a memorial garden called the Irish Hunger Memorial...

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Joe Coffey

Mob history isnt always about the mobsters, the cops, authors and even the hated rats have a part to play. One Irish American Cop is as much a part of Mob History as Owney Madden, Legs Diamond, Jimmy Burke or Mad Dog Sullivan NYPD Detective Joe Coffey is the former...

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