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Manhattan, New York, 1855

Manhattan, New York in 1855 - To the right of the picture is Hells Kitchen & the West Side, New Jersey can be seen further back and on the left is the East Side and straight down is where Five Points & the Bowery was located. In the front is the old reservoir...

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Legs Diamond & The Hotsy Totsy Club

After a shooting in Legs Diamond and his partner Charlie Entratta's speakeasy bar, The Hotsy Totsy Club at 1721 Broadway, between 54 & 55th Streets in New York City, where 1 died after being shot in the head and another died later in hospital after being shot...

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Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll & His Gang

After a disagreement with Dutch Schultz over the robbery of a dairy in the Bronx among other things, "Mad Dog" Coll broke away and started his own gang, taking some of Schultz's guys with him, they attempted to muscle in on Schultz’s rackets. This started a gang war...

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Jack Diamonds first arrest

February 4, 1914, early in the morning, 16 year old Jack Diamond and two of his pals, James Burns, also 16 and John Doyle 20 robbed Strauss’s Jewellery store. Later that same day the three young hoodlums plus James Burns’s girlfriend Anna Schick tried to sell the...

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Danny Walsh – Bootlegger

Danny Walsh was a mobster from Providence, Rhode Island involved in bootlegging during Prohibition. He was the top underworld figure in southern New England, and last major Irish-American gangster in the region, until his kidnapping and apparent murder in 1933. When...

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Whitey Bulger Arrested in Miami

Whitey Bulger arrested in Miami 1955 In 1955, at the age of fifteen, James Bulger left Boston for Miami. He had his troubles in Boston so he probably left Boston for a change of scenery and a fresh start. He had been living in Miami for two years and worked painting...

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Irish hunger Memorial – New York City

A real piece of Ireland in America. In New York City, the birthplace of the Irish Mob, stands what is undeniably proof of the long standing links between two countries going back two centuries. In New York there is a memorial garden called the Irish Hunger Memorial...

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