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Henry Hill – The Goodfella Informant

Henry Hill, best known to most people as the character played by Ray Liotta in Martin Scorsese's 1990 masterpiece Goodfella's, which itself was based on Henry Hill's life story as told by Nicholas Pileggi in his book Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family. Born in New York...

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The Ballymount Bloodbath

The Ballymount Bloodbath is an incident that happened between two groups in a warehouse in Dublin on the 6th October 1999 and would lead to a series of tit for tat revenge killings between the groups. The Ballymount Bloodbath was a day when six men were kidnapped,...

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William “Big Bill” Dwyer – Bootlegger

William Vincent "Big Bill" Dwyer was born and raised Hell’s Kitchen, although he would avoid the temptations of quick money and the gangster lifestyle. Bill Dwyer was a hard-working young man. He finished school and then went to work for a time as an usher before...

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Lucky Luciano & The Rothstein Questioning

November 19, 1928, just thirteen days after Arnold Rothstein’s murder, “Charlie Lucky” Lucania aka Charles Luciano was arrested along with George Uffner, a narcotic associate of Charlie and Rothstein, and Thomas “Fatty” Walsh. They were accused of a payroll robbery of...

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Mad Dog Coll’s Final Phone Call

February 8, 1932, Vincent Coll and his unidentified bodyguard took a short stroll from the Cornish Arms, where Coll was staying to the London Chemist drugstore, both on West 23rd Street, with the two men wanting to make phone calls. Coll walked into one of the booths...

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John McKane Brooklyn’s very own Boss Tweed

John Y. McKane became Brooklyn's answer to Tammany Hall's Boss Tweed although McKane wouldnt be as quite well known, but his exploits were just the same. Back in the 1800's in the days when New York's Five Boroughs were still separate John Y. McKane was known as the...

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