Early Characters

The Death of Bill “The Butcher”

William Poole better known as "Bill The Butcher” was a champion pugilist in 1855 when kicking, biting and eye-gouging were acceptable tactics and fighting to the death, meant just that. It was a time when challenging your opponent was issued out of pure hatred. When...

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Manhattan, New York, 1855

Manhattan, New York in 1855 - To the right of the picture is Hells Kitchen & the West Side, New Jersey can be seen further back and on the left is the East Side and straight down is where Five Points & the Bowery was located. In the front is the old reservoir...

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Irish hunger Memorial – New York City

A real piece of Ireland in America. In New York City, the birthplace of the Irish Mob, stands what is undeniably proof of the long standing links between two countries going back two centuries. In New York there is a memorial garden called the Irish Hunger Memorial...

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Little Annie Reilly

Little Annie Reilly also known under the aliases Kate Cooley, Connelly and Manning she was a thief and con artist widely regarded as "the cleverest woman in her line in America" She was also one of Fredericka "Marm" Mandelbaums elite inner circle during the 1860's...

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The Whyos Gang

The Whyos Gang were a street gangs of New York, they were the city's dominant street gang during the mid-late 19th century. The gang controlled most of Manhattan from the late 1860s until the early 1890s. Consisting largely of criminals ranging from pickpockets to...

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Mulberry Street / Mulberry Bend

The photo is a picture of an unnamed real Gang of New York in Bandits Roost an alley somewhere in Mulberry Street. Its part of an exhibition called How The Other Half Live by photographer Jacob Riis. If the Five Points of Manhattan was the poorest, most crime-ridden...

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The Short Tails

The Short Tails (Not to be confused with the Shirt Tails, who were an earlier gang) This is a photo of a real Gang of New York, under a pier in Corlears Hook, it was taken in 1888 and part of an exhibition called How The Other Half Lives by photographer Jacob Riis...

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The Child Gangs of New York

The photo is a child gang of orphans that lived in the alleys somewhere around Mulberry Street and was taken in 1888. It was part of an exhibition called How The Other Half Live by Jacob Riis. In early New York child gangs were mainly confined to the Five Points, the...

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The Bowery Bum’s

The photo is from inside the Oak Street Police Station. Its part of a collection called How The Other Half Live the picture was taken by Jacob Riis in 1888 Back in Old New York there were many characters and many crazy stories, the homeless had their stories too, they...

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