Marion “Kiki” Roberts & Legs Diamond

Marion "Kiki" Roberts, real name Strasmick (Strasmich) was born in Boston in 1909. When she was young her dream was to become a star. She would also become involved with Jack "Legs" Diamond. When Marion was eight years old she came eighth place in a beauty contest in...

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John Martorano Kills “Indian Al” & His Gang

Alfred "Indian Al" Notorangeli was an a bookie and an “earner” from Somerville who made a poor career choice and would pay for it with his life. His death came in the form of John Martorano. One weekend "Indian Al" murdered the wrong bookie, one connected to Mafia...

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Monk Eastman From Public Enemy to National Hero

Edward "Monk" Eastman (1875 – 1920) was a New York gangster and founder of the Eastman Gang, which became one of the most powerful street gangs in New York City. Of course Monk Eastman wasn't Irish, he did live in a time when the Irish, Jews and Italians worked and...

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Faction Fighting in New Orleans

Irish society in the 18th century saw a rise in violence known as faction fighting. Faction fighting was a type of recreational violence that was semi-organized pitched battles occurring usually at fairs and religious celebrations. Faction fights had its own set of...

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Egans Rats – The St. Louis Mob

Egan's Rats were an organized crime gang that had a considerable amount of power in St. Louis, Missouri from 1890's until 1924. The gangs criminal activity included bootlegging, labor slugging, voter intimidation, armed robbery, and murder. Although they were...

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Joseph Vincent Moriarty – The Numbers Racket

Joseph Vincent Moriarty also known as Newsboy Moriarty, was a mobster and ran a numbers racket in Hudson County, New Jersey who controlled the numbers racket.  He was known as "Newsboy" because in his youth he sold papers in the bars and restaurants around his his...

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