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Little Patsy Doyle & the Hudson Dusters

William "Little Patsy Doyle" Moore was the leader of the Hudson Dusters gang in the 1910's and he was killed at the end of a war between his Hudson Dusters gang and Owney Madden's Gopher Gang. The Hudson Dusters were a street gang that were founded in the late 1890s...

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The death of Jack “Legs” Diamond

Jack Diamond on trial for kidnapping in Rensselaer County Courthouse, Troy, on Dec. 16, 1931. Jack walked across the street each morning to the courthouse from the office of his lawyer, Abbott Jones, and basked in the adulation of the people of Troy who shouted Jack's...

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Johnny “The Mick” Walsh

John Walsh or "Johnny The Mick" was a criminal and gangster in early New York, 1852 - 1883. He was leader of the gang The Walshers which he founded in the 1870's and with their shakedowns and violence they were dominant around the Bowery in Lower Manhattan. This was a...

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The very last picture of Legs Diamond

The very last picture taken of Jack “Legs” Diamond, just 9 hours before he was killed. Jack’s Attorney Daniel H. Prior, Alice Diamond and Jack shortly after he was acquitted. It is said that Jack went out celebrating his acquittal, followed by a visit to his mistress...

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Texas Guinan – Queen of the nightclubs

Born in Texas in 1884 to Irish parents, some sources say one or both of her parents were born in Dublin, Ireland. Mary Louise Cecilia Guinan, better known as Texas Guinan was a movie star and star of the New York stages. But she is probably best known for being the...

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Paul Castellano & The Westies

On this day, 16th December, was one of the most famous Mob hits of all time, the death of Mafia boss Paul Castellano. It was a significant event in Mob history, the death of a boss and the rise of another boss, John Gotti. But it was another murder would bring Paul...

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Frank Hague The Boss of Jersey City

Frank Hague was born on January 17,1876, to Irish immigrants Margaret Fagen/Fagin and John Hague from County Cavan, the second of eight children. His father worked as a blacksmith and a bank guard. Frank Hague had grown up in the “Horse Shoe” section in Jersey City’s...

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Prohibition ends in America on this day

On the 5th of December 1933, the National & Constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages in the U.S comes to an end. Originally brought into law in 1920 and after 13 years the law was finally repealed. The...

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