Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll & His Gang

After a disagreement with Dutch Schultz over the robbery of a dairy in the Bronx among other things, "Mad Dog" Coll broke away and started his own gang, taking some of Schultz's guys with him, they attempted to muscle in on Schultz’s rackets. This started a gang war...

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Jack Diamonds first arrest

February 4, 1914, early in the morning, 16 year old Jack Diamond and two of his pals, James Burns, also 16 and John Doyle 20 robbed Strauss’s Jewellery store. Later that same day the three young hoodlums plus James Burns’s girlfriend Anna Schick tried to sell the...

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Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll

Originally from Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland the Coll family emigrated in New York in 1909 Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll joined up with with Dutch Schultz‘s gang and quickly rose through the ranks; by the late 1920s, he was an enforcer and assassin for the gangster....

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Patrick “Pat” Nee

A Boston tough guy & member in the Mullen gang. He was a one time enemy of Whitey Bulger, they had both tried to kill each other a few times during the Boston Gang Wars in the 1960's He had emigrated from Connemara, Galway, Ireland when he was young with his...

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