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The Triad Gang War of Dublin in 1979

In one of the most unusual gang wars Dublin or Ireland has ever seen came in July 1979, when a bloody street battle raged and two lost their lives, one was blinded for life and many others were injured. It was unusual in the fact that you wouldnt normally associate...

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Texas Guinan – Queen of the nightclubs

Born in Texas in 1884 to Irish parents, some sources say one or both of her parents were born in Dublin, Ireland. Mary Louise Cecilia Guinan, better known as Texas Guinan was a movie star and star of the New York stages. But she is probably best known for being the...

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Faction Fighting in New Orleans

Irish society in the 18th century saw a rise in violence known as faction fighting. Faction fighting was a type of recreational violence that was semi-organized pitched battles occurring usually at fairs and religious celebrations. Faction fights had its own set of...

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Yankee Sullivan Prizefighting Champion

Yankee Sullivan real name James Ambrose. he was born in Bandon, Cork in 1811, he was also known as Frank Murray and James Sullivan. Yankee Sullivan was a bare-knuckle boxer and was a prizefighting champion from 1851 to 1853. He was considered to be the inheritor of...

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Manhattan, New York, 1855

Manhattan, New York in 1855 - To the right of the picture is Hells Kitchen & the West Side, New Jersey can be seen further back and on the left is the East Side and straight down is where Five Points & the Bowery was located. In the front is the old reservoir...

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