Prohibition Era

Legs Diamond & The Hotsy Totsy Club

After a shooting in Legs Diamond and his partner Charlie Entratta's speakeasy bar, The Hotsy Totsy Club at 1721 Broadway, between 54 & 55th Streets in New York City, where 1 died after being shot in the head and another died later in hospital after being shot...

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Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll & His Gang

After a disagreement with Dutch Schultz over the robbery of a dairy in the Bronx among other things, "Mad Dog" Coll broke away and started his own gang, taking some of Schultz's guys with him, they attempted to muscle in on Schultz’s rackets. This started a gang war...

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Danny Walsh – Bootlegger

Danny Walsh was a mobster from Providence, Rhode Island involved in bootlegging during Prohibition. He was the top underworld figure in southern New England, and last major Irish-American gangster in the region, until his kidnapping and apparent murder in 1933. When...

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Charlotte “Lottie” Kreisberger / Coll

The quintessential mob moll, a street wise German Jewish girl Lottie Kreisberger was first Vincent Coll's girlfriend and later wife. She channeled Mad Dog Coll's aggression to terrorize New York—from innocent bystanders to bosses like Owney Madden & Dutch Schultz....

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“Dapper” Danny Hogan

Danny Hogan was a gangster and boss of Saint Paul, Minnesota's Irish Mob during Prohibition. Originally born in California, he settled in Saint Paul around 1909. He turned to organizing major crimes in the city. He became so closely connected to Saint Paul's political...

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Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll

Originally from Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland the Coll family emigrated in New York in 1909 Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll joined up with with Dutch Schultz‘s gang and quickly rose through the ranks; by the late 1920s, he was an enforcer and assassin for the gangster....

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Frank Wallace

Before there was Whitey Bulger, Pat Nee, The Mullen's, The Winter Hill Gang and indeed the Mafia in South Boston the Irish Mob was in control. Frank Wallace was the leader of the Gustin Gang during the Prohibition era in South Boston. Wallace ran the rackets in Boston...

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