During the 1930’s a gang war broke out between two former associates Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll & Dutch Schultz which would leave a trail of bodies and resulting in the death of “Mad Dog” Coll.

The Coll brothers Peter and the younger Vincent worked as gunmen and rum-runners for Arthur Flegenheimer otherwise known as Dutch Schultz. Over time Schultz had built up a considerable amount of rackets and became close to the Mafia and Ciro Teranova, by 1931 there was dissent in the camp with a faction splitting off by themselves lead by Vincent Coll.

The Coll gang consisted of a few heavies Fats McCarthy, Dominick “Toughy” Odierno, Frank Giordano & Gennaro “Chin” Iadoroli to name a few.

The gang war between Coll and Schultz began around 28 May 1931, some of the first deaths came when Coll and some of his men went to take out Joey Rao, Rao had been with two of his men “Louie Slats” Bologna & Frank Amato when a car pulled up and opened fire slightly wounding Rao, a gunman jumped out and chased Bologna and Amato. Bologna was shot in the head and neck while Amato was shot in the back and died from his wounds.

Schultz stuck back quickly on May 30 Peter Coll was driving in Harlem when a car pulled up and opened fire, he ducked to miss the bullets but was hit a few times, he died later in hospital.

Within 24 hours Schultz struck again this time killing Colls best friend Chin Iadoroli. Iadoroli was in a bowling alley waiting for a phone call when Trigger Mike Coppolla and two others. They didnt know Iadoroli to see but they knew he was waiting for a phone call but by coincidence Iadoroli had been with some people and one called his name, with that the three assassins shot him to death.

A few days later the Coll gang struck, this time it was a key Schultz gang member Louis DeRosa was found in the Bronx with 9 bullets in him, five in the head and four in the chest. Five days later the Coll gang struck again this time it was John Jacoporo who’s body was found in the back of a car, he had been shot 5 times. On the 21 June another Schultz man was gunned down on his doorstep, John Saricelli answered his door to two men, who said good morning and both shot him once each.

Legs Diamond Gangster – Patrick Downey

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