1800’s Fashion

The fashion styles from different parts of Manhattan during the 1800s. Probably the most common would have been worn by those living in Lower East Side, The Bowery, Five Points etc

Another type of fashion were Dandy’s. A dandy is described as a man who takes great pride in his appearance and fashion. He would have the best of clothes, walked with a cane, his hair would be slicked with oil and he smelled of the finest fragrances.

A notorious one was John Dolan or Dandy Johnny Dolan as he was known was a thief and murderer, which put him in good company with the rest of his gang. The Whyo’s had some of the most notorious criminals of the day within their ranks

Dandy Johnny Dolan was reportedly an intelligent and resourceful gangster, who was said to have a number of devices he would use during his criminal escapades such as a brass eye gouger, which he would wear on his thumb for use during fights, its also said that he had a specially made pair of boots that had blades built into the soles for stamping on people while on the ground. He was described in a New York Times article as a “well known in the various low saloons on the Bowery as a man of desperate character.”

Dandy Johnny Dolan was eventually found guilty for murder and sentenced to be hanged in the Tombs Prison in New York


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April 11, 2020

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