John “Mitters” Foley

John “Mitters” Foley was a member of Ralph Sheldon’s gang in Chicago, who had their roots in the old Ragen’s Colt’s gang and were also headquartered in the old Colt’s hangout. “Mitters” Foley was a business agent and secretary of the Ice Cream Drivers Union

The Sheldon gang got involved in Chicago’s Beer Wars, it was mostly a battle between 3 rivals, the Saltis / McErlane gang, the Sheldon gang and the Southside O’Donnell’s

The Saltis / McErlane gang carried out most of the hostilites against the Sheldon gang. John “Mitter” Foley was highly regarded by Ralph Sheldon.

Frank McErlane was suspected in a string of shootings, including the shooting the Ragen’s Colts Club House, where one man died, he had also been suspected of shooting up “Buff” Costello’s bar on February 10, 1926, wounding Sheldon gangsters William Wilson and John “Mitters” Foley.


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September 16, 2020

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