The Triad Gang War of Dublin in 1979

In one of the most unusual gang wars Dublin or Ireland has ever seen came in July 1979, when a bloody street battle raged and two lost their lives, one was blinded for life and many others were injured. It was unusual in the fact that you wouldnt normally associate...

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George Appo – An Extraordinary Pickpocket

George Washington Appo was born on the 4th of July 1854 in New Haven, Connecticut to a Chinese father, Quimbo Appo also known in Chinese as Lee Ah Bow and an Irish mother Catherine Fitzpatrick. George Appo died in Manhattan in 1930. George Appo was no ordinary...

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River Pirates on the Hudson & East Rivers

From 1866 to 1877 river pirates terrorized the water of New York's rivers and harbor robbing cargo and what ever other goods they could from boats that were docked or coming in to port. Piracy in the waters of New York became so bad that the police eventually set up a...

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“Old” Jimmy Hope – Master Bank Robber

James Hope was born in Philadelphia to Irish parents in 1836, the family were poor and Jimmy took a job as a machinist when he was a teenager. He married young and had a family but Jimmy Hope would soon find himself attracted to a life of crime. He would go on to...

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Big Jim O’Leary Chicago’s Big Time Gambler

"Big" Jim O'Leary was a gambler & racketeer in early Chicago, he is credited in forming one of the cities first gambling syndicates and for having a rags to riches story. James O'Leary was born to parents Patrick and Katherine O'Leary. Katherine O'Leary is rumored...

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